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Welcome to Your Miami Air Conditioning Repair Company Website!

Welcome to AC Repair Miami’s website. Here you can find more information on who we are, what we do and how we do it.

If you are here, chances are you are either having issues with your air conditioning unit or you simply need information on maintenance and other related air conditioner activities.

Well, whatever your reason is, you have come to the right place. We are a local Miami based air conditioning repair company that focuses on helping the customer above all else.

We not only fix things, but we can probably answer just about any question you have regarding air conditioners and HVAC maintenance.

We hear stories time and time again about how air conditioners break all of the sudden, and some stories about how some have had to face the incredibly hot and humid Miami weather without air conditioners.

We can tell you from personal experience of working in hundreds of homes around Miami that no ac equals no-fun!

Why We Exist

We started Air Conditioning Repair Miami for many reasons.

One of the reasons was that we saw an opportunity in the poor customer service that our competitors were providing.

A decade ago, while still a young man, I came from school to find that our air conditioning system was dead.

My mom had already called a number of companies, but after dozens of calls we noticed that most companies didn’t bother to answer their phones.

Incredible, here we are calling someone to give them our money and trust and they don’t want our business.

We continued calling and someone finally answered. The phone conversation was completely unprofessional, but we had no choice, no one else was answering.

We set an appointment for 4 hours later.

4 hours pass and no one shows up…

2 more hours pass and no repair man, not even a call, they won’t even answer their phones. We finally call it quits and head to bed.

The next day, a repair man from the company shows up at around 10am. He says that his car had broken down and couldn’t make it the day before. The interesting part is that we must have called 10 times but he couldn’t answer his phone…

He goes to work and makes a huge mess, after 4 hours of walking around the house and messing with things, he leaves without saying anything.

We call back and he says that he has to come back because he doesn’t have the part that he needs to fix the air.

This was a Saturday, so we ask when he could get it fixed. He says that he doesn’t work Sundays so that the earliest would be on a Monday.

I’ll cut the story here but I think you get the point. The guy finally fixed the air 4 days later!

He left a mess in the house, dirt all over the walls and dirt and water all over the floor. He asked for his money and left.

My poor mom didn’t like confrontation so she paid the man and that was that.

This is the kind of service that many people are still experiencing today from their air conditioning companies in Miami.

This experience must have stuck deep in my mind, because after growing up, I started an air conditioning repair company in Miami.

I made it my priority to satisfy every single customer. To be there on time and to answer the phone when someone calls. The next call could be from someone like my mother and siblings. Struggling with hot weather and unresponsive/unprofessional ac repair companies.

The company has now grown a lot since I started it, but nothing has changed, in fact we have gotten better. We still work hard to satisfy every single customer.

Every single certified repairman is trained in customer service, and the company culture makes it so that being nice and providing a great service comes natural.

This company would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the principles we live by. We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t go beyond the line to treat every single customer as if you were family.

I am proud of every single man and woman currently employed at AC Repair Miami and you will be to.

Almost 100% of the customers we service call us back when they need repair services in the future. That says a lot about the quality of our work and the family atmosphere that we provide.

When we go to a customer’s/family’s house, we explain every single step before we even start and we answer every question you might have.

Customer satisfaction and an obsessive like attention to detail have made our company grow. Instead of spending thousands on fancy TV, radio and other commercials we spend every ounce of effort performing a quality job, giving you fair prices, and going well above every expectation you could possibly have.

Instead of depending on trying to convince people to call us via fancy advertising, we get out business from recommendations from our large family of happy customers.

Other than this website, you will either see us in your neighborhood or hear someone recommending us.

With that note, if you need an extremely professional and friendly air conditioner repair company in Miami, I ask you to give us a chance before you call someone else.

If after speaking to us you still feel like we are not the company for you, we will personally recommend you to a list of competitors that have good reputations within the ac repair and maintenance community.

Don’t give your money and most importantly, your time to a crappy company.

Please know that we understand that you have a large selection of other companies to call, and we are very grateful to have your trust.

Air Conditioner Repair MiamiWhat we offer

We have a selection of service and maintenance packages available. Whether you need a onetime repair, a filter change, some routine air conditioning maintenance, or ac unit installation we can do it all.

We work with every major brand in the industry, and our experienced HVAC technicians are trained to tackle any job. If someone can’t get a job done by him/her, they will get immediate backup.

We focus on doing a great job as quick as possible so that you can get back to your regular routine.

In fact, over 95% of the jobs we do get done a few hours after we show up.

We also offer 24/7 service. This means that you can call us on a Sunday night at 3 am and someone will answer your phone. But we will not only answer your phone, we will also dispatch a repairman to your location so we can get your problem solved as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Air Conditioning System Designs – Unlike popular believe, adding a unit bigger than what you really need is not a good thing, your system will continue to turn on and off more often than required which will begin to create a series of issues like mold buildup, high energy consumption and broken parts, among other things. Having an AC system that’s too small can also cause a lot of costly long term problems. It’s all about creating a balance that is suited for your home and conditions.

Professional AC Installations – Like we mentioned previously, we work with equipment from just about every brand out there. We know the pros and cons of each brand and system and we give you many options along with recommendations, so we can decide together which units and parts are best for you.

Air Duct Cleaning and Leak Repairs – Having a dirty air duct system can cause havoc to your equipment and to your health, in fact, since most American homes don’t change their air filter and clean their air ducts on a regular basis, air quality inside the average home is 500% to 1000% more polluted than the air outside your home. Air leaks can create condensation, mold, poor system performance, and high energy consumption, which is why it’s very important that you get them fixed before they begin to cause havoc.

Convenient and Highly Affordable Scheduled Maintenance Plans – From changing filters to cleaning your unit, we cover most of it with our regular scheduled air conditioner maintenance plans. We offer this plans at very affordable prices. Regular home maintenance can improve your health and overall quality of life. A maintenance plan can also save you thousands in repairs and will make your system last years longer.

System Tune-ups and Inspections – If a regular plan is not right for you, perhaps you just need occasional help. Give us a call and we can schedule an inspection and tune-up to help rejuvenate your ac unit again.

Air and Gas Leak Repairs – Like we said earlier, air leaks can create a lot of issues within your system. Most air conditioning systems now days have leaks of some sort and it is important to get them corrected early. Gas leaks can also create a lot of problems to not only your system performance but to your health. If you have any reason to suspect that your air conditioning unit is not working like it’s supposed to then give us or someone else a call. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Home Energy Audits and Recommendations – Many homeowners call us the first time because their systems don’t cool enough, and many ask for a new system. In most cases, you don’t need to replace the ac units or expensive parts. On many occasions, dirty systems and poor home configurations are the cause of your problems. Another reason for calls is high energy bills… We can conduct inspections and audits and give you a detailed report as to where your energy is going, along with recommendations on what to do about it.

And More…

We cover all aspects of Air conditioning repairs and we know the Miami weather and specific settings like the back of our hands. If it has to do with your air conditioning system then chances are we likely cover it. If you have any need service or simply have a question, give us a call. We are eager to help!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
The AC Repair Miami Team!

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